What People Are Saying About Hot Tub Spaceship

“k…finished it Tears streaming down my face.”

“I know when I read something good, and this is good…writing magic!”

“Thank you for writing this book Brian…and while I wait for the next one…I will read this one again!!♥️

“I love so much about your book. It made parts of my brain come alive that were dead.”

“Whole lot of fun.”

“A raw open look at where to go from here after questioning Evangelical Christianity…found myself rooting for Brian to find what he is seeking…looking forward to the next book.”

“First few pages in…and I am hooked!!! I don’t want to put it down!!!”

“I was comforted in the knowledge that I am not alone in my struggles with my own beliefs and faith.”

“My religious back ground consists of the movie Jesus Christ Superstar. A few visits to Catholic Church’s and a few to the church up the street. I have to say I resonated with what you have written more than I expected. Thanks for writing the book. Captivating.”

“A brave foray into the no-man’s land between piety and the profane.”

“Ultimately, it’s a well-written and life-affirming collection. Read it to be both provoked and entertained.”

“This book deals with a deep subject in a light tone. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud as Brian explains his daily struggles with a load of colourful characters that he truly cares about. I sure hope the sequel is in the works“

Pankratz writes with clarity and charm, and the personal intensity with which he interrogates serious issues is tempered by a breezy, informal style.  …this is a thoughtful and engaging assemblage of reflections. A philosophically inquisitive discussion of what it means to be a Christian.” – Kirkus Reviews 

“Between his honest thoughts about life, death, and God, there is sage advice for us all.“

“I enjoy the honest and direct approach of your book. Thanks for sharing your personal story. Profound!”

“Very, very funny.”